What is Direct Mail?

Not every good marketing technique is involved with the Internet. Digital marketing has become very popular, but direct mail marketing is still used to contact people right at their home or business addresses. The direct mail technique will continue to be one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers.

The Importance of Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is a method of sending mail to potential customers and members. It’s used mainly by businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote their products and services.

A good portion of this mail is unsolicited; however, some mail is sent to recipients that have been previously associated with the sender. Many mailings include the option to opt out of further contacts.

Types of Mailing Methods

The main types of mailing methods are low volume, high volume and business-to-business (B2B). The low-volume method is used for one-time or long-term customers. The high-volume method is used in mass marketing to contact large groups of people at once.

pile of direct mail

The B2B method is used among different companies who do business together.

Types of Mailing Materials

There are many different types of materials that are used in direct mailing campaigns: postcards, letters, product samples, brochures, catalogs and booklets. Most mailings are advertisements in contrast to newspapers and magazines that are paid for by subscriptions. You can call a custom brochure printing company if you need high quality materials.

Many retail stores and restaurants send coupons and their weekly ads through the mail. Neighborhood associations send weekly or monthly newsletters to local homeowners.

Targeted Marketing

Some direct mailings are pre-addressed to specific individuals and contain the recipient’s name. The unaddressed ones are sent to random individuals. Most recipients prefer to receive personalized messages, but the costs are higher for the senders.

Tracking the results is necessary for every successful targeted campaign. Marketers have to track the response to each mailing that is sent out. Some senders use tracking to know which homes and neighborhoods to target in the future.

The Future of Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is criticized as being wasteful of paper and a cause of long-term harm to the environment. Some recipients claim that these materials count as junk mail, while advertisers claim that sending out bulk mail is costly.

In one neighborhood, there could be hundreds of companies sending out advertisements through the mail.

Similarly, countless emails are sent by online companies, and most end up in the spam folder.

However, direct mail is safer with fewer threats of viruses and identity thefts. People are more wary of clicking on spam emails than opening up direct mail packages.


Overall, direct mail still brings effective results to various companies and organizations. This works when marketers contact customers who they have worked with before. People respond more favorably to companies that they know and trust. This type of marketing is effective if the recipients are part of a targeted audience.

The direct mail way of contacting new customers has lost some strength to digital marketing.

Many people search for coupons and discounts in the mail, and many more look forward to receiving brochures or product samples. So, the old technique is still effective and actively used by thousands of companies today.

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